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Friday, 23 June 2017

Benefits of UAN Member Portal

Benefits of UAN Member Portal:
Employees' Provident Fund Organization has created UAN Member Portal to combine multiple PF Accounts of a single employee. UAN Member Portal is helpful for the employees to access their PF Account at anytime. In order to enjoy the Benefits on UAN Member Portal, Employees who have completed UAN Activation Process and created an account.
When an employee visits UAN Member Portal, he/she has to provide the UAN Number and Password to Sign In. The UAN Services are accessible only after the employee is signed in to his account. Employee is able to check updates in all PF Accounts at one place i.e. UAN Member Portal. In addition, Download Passbook, Transfer Claim, PF Withdrawal, Final Settlement and KYC Update etc. facilities are available on UAN Member Portal.

Benefits of UAN Member Portal

UAN Member Portal is combination of all PF Accounts of One Employee at one place. In order to use UAN Services, the employees must have activated their Universal Account Number. UAN Member Portal is beneficial to the employees to get important information about their PF Account. Here we are going to discuss Benefits of UAN Member Portal as follows:

Benefits of UAN Member Portal

Check EPF Balance
Employees can check the latest and updated EPF Balance on UAN Member Portal. The UAN Portal is updated by its authorities on day to day basis. So in case, you cannot see the latest transaction in your PF Account, it is advisable to login to UAN Member Portal the next day and check your EPF Balance again. In addition to balance, the employees can also see all debit and credit transactions in their PF Account.
Download EPF Passbook
Employees are able to Download EPF Passbook at anytime from UAN Member Portal. Employees have to sign in with their Universal Account Number and Password to view EPF Passbook and download the same as PDF file. EPF Passbook Downloading facility is not available for those employees whose company has exemption under EPF Scheme 1952. Employees who have more than one PF Accounts linked with UAN Member Portal, are advised to download EPF Passbook of their PF Accounts one by one.
Download UAN Card
UAN Card is an important document for employee. UAN Card contains Employee's Name, UAN Number, KYC Status and all Member IDs linked with UAN. Employees can download their UAN Card at anytime by visiting UAN Member Portal.
Update KYC Information
Sometimes, employees cannot access some services of EPFO because of incomplete KYC. On UAN Member Portal, the employees can check their KYC Status and also upload necessary documents to complete KYC Process Online.
UAN Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP)
Procedure of PF Transfer is useful at the time of changing job from one company to another. Now employees can fill up Form 13 online for PF Transfer Claim on UAN Member Portal. However, to use this facility previous Member IDs and other details of such employee must be available in EPFO database.
PF Part Withdrawal (Advances from PF Account) and PF Final Settlement
When an employee is in need of money, he/she can get advances from PF Account during the working years. EPFO has recently launched Online Form for PF Part Withdrawal and PF Final Settlement in May 2017. So, the employees can submit Form 31 (Withdrawal) and Form 19 (Final Settlement) online through UAN Member Portal. However, for partial withdrawal of Provident Fund, the employee has to give a valid reason to EPFO.
Pension Withdraw Benefit
Employees who are covered under EPS Scheme, can get pension every month after superannuation or retirement. The withdrawal of pension has become very easy now. The employee can apply online with Form 10-C on UAN Member Portal to get Pension Withdraw Benefit.
See List of all previous & present Member IDs
Employees can see their all Previous Member IDs on UAN Member Portal. In addition, the employees can also view their current Member IDs (PF Accounts) which are linked with UAN.
Kindly visit Official Website at www.epfindia.gov.in and unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ to get more information on Benefits of UAN Member Portal and Facilities available on UAN Member Portal.

Information Source: http://www.uanloginguide.in/
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Thursday, 22 June 2017

How UAN is useful for Employees and Employers

How UAN is useful for Employees and Employers:
UAN is Universal Account Number provided to every employee of EPF Scheme and Pension Scheme. The purpose of establishing UAN is to give various facilities and services to all employers and employees. With help of UAN, the Employees can check EPF Balance, Download EPF Passbook, Transfer PF Account and Withdraw money from PF Account. Employees who have PF Account, must know their Member ID and UAN Number.
UAN is a 12 digit unique number which is helpful to use various facilities on UAN Member Portal. EPFO does not provide UAN Number to employers, but employers get unique user name and password to access UAN Employer Portal and use the facilities available there. Here the employers can add new members, deposit PF contribution of active employees, update employees' KYC details etc.

How UAN is useful for Employees and Employers

Employees' Provident Fund Organization has launched UAN Member Portal in 2014. At present, more than 4 crore employees have obtained and activated their UAN. EPFO Organization introduced UAN Member Portal to make things easy for all employees across India. By allotment of UAN to  UAN is beneficial for both the employee as well as employer. Here we will discuss on How UAN is useful for Employees and Employers as follows:

How UAN is useful for Employees

Check EPF Balance
Employees can access UAN Member Portal 24x7 and know their EPF Account Balance. In order to access the UAN Member Portal, employees need to provide their Universal Account Number and Password. Employees are able to check Balance of all PF Accounts with one time login on UAN Member Portal.
Download EPF Passbook
Employees can download EPF Passbook (updated passbook) whenever they want it. This facility is completely free, so the employees are able to download their EPF Passbook everyday without paying any charge.
Download UAN Card
Employees must download and print UAN Card from UAN Member Portal. Because with help of UAN Card, the employee can see his/her, UAN Number, KYC details and all linked PF Accounts /Member IDs.
Online Form for PF Transfer, Withdrawal, Final Settlement and Pension Withdraw
EPFO has made all the facilities online now. Employees can submit Claim Form for PF Transfer, Withdrawal and Final Settlement through UAN Member Portal. Moreover, the Pension Withdraw facility is also provided with UAN Login.

How UAN is useful for Employers

Online Registration of Establishment (OLRE)

Employers can register their company on UAN Employer Portal. Employer /Establishment Registration is mandatory for employers to access UAN Portal and use the services as well.

Add New Member and Remove Old One

On UAN Employer Portal, the employers can add new member who joined their company recently. In order to add a member, employer must have employee's UAN Number, PF Account Number, Valid ID Proof and other documents. Employers can also remove the members who left job from their company.

Contribution towards EPF (Monthly)

Employers are required to deposit Contribution towards Provident Fund on monthly basis. In earlier time, this task was a little tough because everything was offline and paper based. But now things have changed. Employers can give PF Contribution online with UAN Employer Portal. As per EPFO instructions, every employer must deposit PF Contribution latest by 15th of every month.

Update KYC of Members /Employees

Employers can also update KYC details of Members i.e. Employees. Employer has the right to check KYC documents of each member and keep them up to date on UAN Employer Portal.

Approve PF Transfer, Withdrawal Claims

Employers should check Claims received from members for PF Transfer and PF Withdrawal on UAN Employer Portal. If the Claims are valid and documents are authentic, employer should approve the Claim online, so that the employee can get his claim settled soon.
Kindly log on to Official Website at www.epfindia.gov.in OR unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo OR unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface to know more about How UAN is useful for Employees and Employers.
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